Habonim Dror North America

Machaneh Galil

In Machanot on October 21, 2009 at 9:58 pm

By Workshop 59 Galil Kvutsa and Eva Bernstein

Machaneh Galil is a beautiful camp only an hour outside of Philadelphia (let’s go Phillies!). One extremely unique part of our machaneh is our high ropes course which includes 3 elements that are 35 feet off the ground (to our Canadian chaverim, 10.6  meters), a “giant’s ladder” and a zip line. Guarding our machaneh like a moat for a castle is our glorious creek, which decides when we are and aren’t allowed to drive over the bridge and back into machaneh. We also have a historical refet, in which weapons were hidden and smuggled to Israel during the Israeli Independence War of 1948. Machaneh Galil also boasts the highest number of workshoppers (FIFTY NINE!), topping the charts with 14 Galilnicks reppin’ hard.

A typical day at Machaneh Galil starts with Hitkansut Boker and is followed by a Five Star Zagat Guide approved breakfast. Not only do we get pancakes or eggs or French toast, but we also have a buffet with fruit, cereal, oatmeal and the best toppings every single morning. After breakfast we do avodah and clean our tzrifim, and then have our first Peulat Shichvah of the day. Then, we have intense sports, which range from the traditional basketball and football to the interpretative synchronized swimming and ballroom dancing. Lunch is followed by menucha and another Peulat Shichvah and then Sadnaot and Schiyah Chofshit (Schiyah later!) After a quick Kibud at the toren, we split up for our chugim and come back together for Shira Achshav! Next we have Zman HD Olami and Hitkansut Erev. Dinner and tochnit erev close our day, with excitement for the next riveting day of Machaneh.


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