Habonim Dror North America

Machaneh Gesher

In Machanot on October 21, 2009 at 9:38 pm

By Workshop 59 Gesher Kvutsa

In the heart of eastern Ontario lies a little summer camp known as Machaneh Gesher. The name, which translates into bridge, is an indicator of the kind of connections that are created amongst campers, staff, and to Habonim Dror. What is most unique about this home away from home is that it combines the youth movement ideology with exciting summer-camp activities. Thanks to our location, Gesher is situated on the beautiful Lake Pringle, on the Canadian Shield. This provides us not only with water-skiing, tubing, water-trampolining and swimming, but it also allows us to connect with the land and our surrounding environment in the most tangible way. Habonim Dror aims to emphasize the importance of nature and resourcefulness, and our lake enables us to appreciate our environment with our tiyulim and canoeing.

A typical day at Gesher begins with waking up and going to Mifkad, where we sing songs and raise both the Canadian and Israeli flags. After this start to the day we spend 45 mintues doing Avodah, which include a variety of things to improve the Machaneh, such as recycling, ashpah, and briyut. After breakfast, specialties, such as Omanut, sports, and Ivrit, begin, and they end right before Shirah! Shirah is followed by lunch, which then leads into tzchiyah (general swim). After we have cooled off in the water, peula shichvah takes place. Then we have a wide selection of chugim before evening mifkad. Then it’s dinner, with free time leading up to tochnit erev. After the tochnit there is more free time until bed. We wake up the next morning to another amazing day at Machaneh Gesher!

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