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Machaneh Gilboa

In Machanot on October 21, 2009 at 9:29 pm

By Workshop 59 Gilboa Kvutsa

Deep in the San Bernadino Mountains, two and a half hours east of Los Angeles, lies (in various campsites) the machaneh known as Gilboa. Although Gilboa only reopened its doors in 1996, its numbers have climbed rapidly since, growing to an intimate 60-100ish chanichim per session. Because it lacks a campsite, Gilboa is truly defined by the culture and sense of community it instills in everyone involved. Gilboa is also stereotyped as the “love and feelings” machaneh, which, to be honest, is based in some truth. Serious–serious can be kef too!–chevrati are common and valued, especially in older kvutzot, as a way to further develop a kvutsah and understanding among its members. But we also do hella fun, ridiculous things as well. Because our summer is only five weeks long (due to matching our schedule with that of the campsite we rent), all the kef is consolidated into nonstop craziness. Even a yom regil is a yom meyuchad at Gilboa, since yom regilim are few and far between.
Speaking of a yom regil, it begins with hitkansut boker, where each anaf (work group) comes up with silly cheers. Up next is avodah, followed by breakfast, shira, zman sport (on our migrash with no grass), which leads into sadnaot (a rotation of camp-ish things: swimming, drama games, zman shaliach, etc.), and, last before lunch, zman ivrit. After a packed morning and a good meal, there is some much deserved chofesh, followed by Hatzagah, peulah shichva, and chugim. Right before dinner is a ruach-filled hitkansut erev (this time by shichva—super fun!). Another period of chofesh precedes unusually unique and creative tochnit erevs, often the last planned activity for the day. Finally comes bedtime—sometimes infused with ep-eps and candy! Sounds pretty meyuchad to me!

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