Habonim Dror North America

Machaneh Moshava

In Machanot on October 21, 2009 at 9:35 pm

By Workshop 59 Team Mosh

Nestled away in picturesque Street Maryland within one of the United States few areas of unusually high soil magnesium concentration (the Serpentine), Machaneh Moshava is a vibrant member of Habonim Dror North America’s community.  Like all of HDNA, Moshava has an open and loving environment, perfect for individual and communal growth, but it also has certain features that set it apart from the other machanot.

A perfect example of this is the Madatz Call. Every Shabbat after Rikud, each Madatz kvutsah in order from youngest to oldest performs a loud and spirited skit/dance/song/performance art piece.  Each kvutsah keeps their Call from year to year, and as more and more kvutsot members leave machaneh, everyone gets excited and nostalgic as they remember the ridiculous things that each kvutsah did. In addition, older kvutsot often decide to make hilarious modifications to their Calls because the Calls were originally designed for many more people.

Another unique Moshava tradition happens every Thursday night, “Pish Night”. Instead of a normal dinner and tochnit erev, Dinner is grilled in the two shtachim, and after dinner, madrichim run peulot for their chanichim that often focus on issues addressed earlier in the day or on kvtuzah development. While we wait for dinner to cook, everyone has a great opportunity to spend quality time with the kvutzah. There is perhaps no other structured time at Machaneh when everyone from a kvtuzah is together and just hangs out, often playing a game of ultimate Frisbee. The peulot run are often some of the best peulot from that summer, and they play a large role in the formation of tight kvutzah bonds.

Ultimately, we chill hard, and we rep hard.  The combination of the natural beauty of the land and our strong traditions has and will continue to form intense connections to Moshava.   Many of us spend eight weeks at camp each summer, and we couldn’t imagine our lives any other way.

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