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Machaneh Na’aleh

In Machanot on October 21, 2009 at 9:22 pm

By Workshop 59 Na’aleh Kvutsa

Among the multitude of Jewish camping venues there stands a lone ranger on a hill. Situated in the beautiful rolling hills of Sidney, New York, Machaneh Na’aleh (which has in the past been referred to as a “Macha-not” and its inhabitants derided and mocked as “Na’alosers”) is currently in the procesess of cementing itself as a stationary object in the forever shifting tides of Jewish camping. At the moment Na’aleh is leasing its campsite as its Capital Campaign amasses the funds to allow Na’aleh to be master of its own domain once and forever.

Now what makes Na’aleh so special, one might ask. Well, to begin, Na’aleh is home to not 11, not 12, but eight basketball courts! Also, Na’aleh feautures an olympic size swimming pool, as well as numerous sports fields and 80 acres of beautiful untamed wilderness. But beyond all that which is aesthetically pleasing, beyond that which is tangible, there lies the heart and soul of Machaneh Na’aleh.  Na’alehnicks inhabit a machaneh that is loved for the tight knit community created by those who have been coming for years, and replenished by the constant stream of more than welcome newcomers.  Indeed, it is safe to say that summers spent at Na’aleh provide chanichim with days full of epic adventures  and stimulating activities to fill them with memories that last a lifetime – and beyond.

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