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Machaneh Tavor

In Machanot on October 21, 2009 at 9:19 pm

By Workshop 59 Tavor Kvutsa

Amidst the luscious cornfields of the Midwest, an occasional driver is lucky enough to stumble upon a small, hidden dirt road outside Three Rivers, Michigan.  If s/he can successfully navigate the narrow bridge enclosed by trees, the driver will be rewarded with “a heaven built on earth” (Morgan, M. 2004), the gorgeous Machaneh Tavor. Situated directly on serene Lake Kaiser, Machaneh Tavor offers kids and young adults the opportunity of a lifetime—the chance to grow, to learn, and to form lasting bonds to not only exciting individuals, but also to Habonim Dror as a whole.

Within Habonim Dror, there are 6 other lovely machanot in the US and Canada, not to mention the prominence of HD in other countries (e.g. UK, Holland, South Africa, Australia, Uruguay, Brazil, etc…) However, Tavor nevertheless remains distinctive in a number of ways. Our focus on environmentalism and self-sustainability is unmatched; our organic gan extends for nearly an acre, now that we’ve added two new herb sections. Almost all our soil derives from the massive compost pile (and soon, the composting toilet as well) we add to after every meal. Furthermore, since buying pigs, we do not even bizbuz our uncompostable waste products.

Additionally, the diversity of location (Detroit, Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, the Twin Cities, California, and even Israel) from which Tavor draws its population enables everyone to have a more enriching experience, meeting people who are different from their friends at home. Once a week, on Friday night, those very same people from different places come together for a basketball game of epic proportions, beginning at midnight, and often running until 230 or 3 in the morning .

However, far more indicative than the most exciting hours of the week are the day-to day running of machaneh. Without further ado, we present the Machaneh Tavor Seder Yom:

  • Hashkama
  • Mifkad Boker
  • Aruchat  Boker
  • Avoda
  • Pish Alef
  • Pish Beth
  • Aruchat Tzohorayim
  • Pish Gimel (S’chiya)
  • Ivrit
  • Zman Sport
  • Zman L’hitkaleach (shower time!)
  • Hugim
  • Mifkad Erev
  • Aruchat Erev
  • Chofesh
  • Tochnit Erev
  • Unscheduled until bedtime (dependent on age group)

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