Habonim Dror North America

The Present Situation of B’Tnua

In Editorials/Opinions on March 9, 2010 at 9:11 pm

By: Michael Silbermann

For the past six months I have been the Editor of B’Tnua. I have facilitated many of the recent changes that it has taken in becoming an online blog, in addition to its to yearly issues. The blog has taken off with decent success. The articles on the blog are receiving a strong readership. Which leads me to believe, that when there is material to be read that the site is getting a good amount of traffic. Which has quelled my concerns that the blog would not be utilized. There are many concerns that I do have, and within the yearly issues is where they are hidden.

Where the blog was created to accept articles throughout the year, the B’Tnua issues need many articles at one time. Which in the life of a Habonim Dror North American, it is quite difficult to find the time to write for B’Tnua. This makes for the editors to organize 10 to 15 articles at one time nearly impossible. For this reason I have had to cancel the 2010 Winter Issue of B’Tnua. At this time I propose that we as a movement need to decide what kind of role B’Tnua is going to play into our lives.

Do we want to keep B’Tnua the way it is, having a continuous blog and one or two yearly issues, B’Tnua can just be limited to the blog and the yearly issues can be forgotten, or B’Tnua can be totally done away with all together. What I propose is that not only do we continue B’Tnua as the way it is, but that we reinforce and make B’Tnua stronger. That we write down the thoughts that we all have, but have not said. Because there once was a time that rather then throwing up our ideals on a list serve, that we would take the intellectual approach and write down those ideals in a well crafted article. I wonder, has the internet made us less articulate and incapable of writing grammatically correct sentences that could rock it’s reader to the core, I hope not. I am not saying that only those of us that can write as well as Thomas Friedman can write for B’Tnua. I am asking why we have given up upon writing in a scholarly manner.

This is my call to the movement. To look deep inside ourselves, and to decide what you want B’Tnua to become.  To keep it the way it is, or to have a movement news letter that truly shows the opinions and thoughts of its members.

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